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My name is Kayla and I am the owner of Seatown Sweets. I started baking at a very young age with my grandma during Christmas. We would always make frosted sugar cookies and I accredit a lot of my creative abilities to her as she was an artist and worked in graphic design.

I studied marketing at Washington State University (Go Cougs!) where I met my husband. After graduating, we moved into an apartment in downtown Kirkland. Being out in the “real world” on your own, you have to start cooking for yourself and fortunately a little website called Pinterest was invited.

I loved pouring over all the posts of recipes and saw of course all these delicious desserts. At the same time my now Mother-in-Law gave me her old KitchenAid mixer, a deadly combo. Sure enough I started trying all these crazy cupcake recipes like “loaded Jack and Coke cupcakes”, chocolate chip cookie dough brownie explosion, on and on. Now I am a little health conscious, so I didn’t want to eat all of them, it was more about the process that I enjoyed, so I would bring them into my corporate job office and feed them to my co-workers. They all loved them and would tell me “you should open a bakery.” I really didn’t think that anything I made was THAT special or amazing. I learned over the years though that a lot of creative people feel this way about their creations and is something that I still struggle with today honestly.

While I have a passion for baking, I love photography and in high school I thought it was something I would “grow up to be.” Using my photography background, I started taking pictures and blogging about my creations. As I mentioned I never studied culinary arts, everything I know is self taught through the internet or I would take local classes. I totally had caught the baking bug and would bake for any occasion. I made cookies and cupcakes for friend’s bridal showers and gatherings. Word slowly got around that I could bake and before I knew it, I had a baking business.


I love following baking trends and styles on Instagram and I think that is something that is really hard to find at local bakeries. Where can you go to get unicorn cakes or llama cookies? That is where my business comes in. We specialize in custom desserts and treats that are small in size and big in flavor.

Our signature desserts include our sugar cookies, cake pops, mini pies, mini cheesecakes, cupcakes and cakes. All of these desserts go wonderfully together and look beautiful on a dessert table display or standalone. We really love when our customer’s have a vision and we can help bring it to life.

My husband and I got married in 2014 and I look back fondly on the day, of course there are things that I would do differently, and it is hard to know what to do as a new bride (or groom). So my best advice to couples getting married is to not stress about the money or price, have a budget but know where to splurge and where to save. Things that are totally worth it: a day of coordinator and a videographer – they are worth the money. I love looking back on our photos but to see ourselves, live and in the moment is truly worth every penny. In hind sight I wish I would have just spent the couple extra hundred bucks here or there and got what I want. So I say follow your heart and you will not regret anything.

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