Well hello there! If you’re reading this, you are most likely planning an event of some sort. A wedding, perhaps? If so – Congratulations!

Events are what shape our world. Whether they are planned or spontaneous, big or small, exquisite or simple; they change our day-to-day, and keep us moving through this crazy life. They also typically happen in a specific location, require months of preparation, and often need the consultation of an expert. That’s where we come in.

THE 101 is owned and operated by 828 Venue Management Co., based in San Diego, California. The company was founded by wedding professionals who were unsatisfied with the flexibility and processes when it came to booking and planning for their own special day.

Our flagship venue, BRICK, opened in 2014 and quickly took the industry by storm. We witnessed simultaneous relief and excitement over 24-hour rentals, flexible vendor policies, and in-house photo booth and coordination services. After receiving overwhelming support, we decided to give brides and grooms, corporations, and nonprofits around the country, the opportunity to have events this way. Just four years later, we have expanded into Denver, Indianapolis, and now, Seattle.

We bet you’re wondering why we chose Seattle.

Well – there are a lot of reasons. But first and foremost, pause and take a look around — that is, if you’re a Seattleite. If you’re not – we suggest you put the PNW at the top of your bucket list. You won’t regret it.

The streets are full of color and art and people – yet they’re not crowded. Tech companies are taking the world to never-before-seen heights, through the heart of Seattle. Locals are passionate, artistic, and innovative. Businesses of all sizes are thriving, and new ones are welcomed with open arms. Find a rooftop and take in the view: mountains, trees, water, cityscape – over a cup of coffee of course.

What we’re saying, is how could we not choose Seattle? With all that the city has to offer, we were inspired.  

If you’ve come across this page because you’re planning an event, let us be your Seattle. Let us galvanize new possibilities and bring your vision to life through our blank palate. If you’re an artist, let us showcase your creations. If you just want to be friends, so do we. Our doors and our minds are open.

Now, let’s paint the town.