Hello there!

A quick intro; My name is Tim and I’m the owner of THE 101.

Back in 2010, I asked my amazing girlfriend and business partner, Louise, to spend the rest of her life with me. Fortunately, she said, “Are you serious?” quickly followed by a resounding and excited, “YES!”

From there, we couldn’t wait to start planning the wedding.

Another step back; In 2005 I started 8twenty8 Studios our photography company. Over the next 5 years, Louise and I photographed almost 150 weddings together in the San Diego area giving us the opportunity to capture some of the most amazing moments in people’s lives as well as experience just about every aspect a wedding has to offer.

Fast forward to FRIDAY, February 8, 2013, we both said “I do!”

Now, I highlight FRIDAY, because we found several distinct advantages over the years to choosing a Friday for our wedding. And, here are just a few of those reasons:

Friday (or any weekday) weddings are cheaper.

Not every vendor will discount their services for a Friday wedding but SOME will. And, when you’re planning a wedding, every dollar counts.

Make it a weekend vacation or getaway for your guests.

Some of your guests are coming from out of town to spend the weekend with you. They are traveling anyway, so why not make it a mini, or even extended, vacation for them? Even your local guests are usually excited about the “opportunity” to make it a stay-cation.

Flexibility and Availability.

While Fridays are certainly becoming more popular, the chances of landing your first choice location or vendor on a Friday or Sunday is much higher than trying to secure them on a Saturday.

Finally, don’t count on your guest count shrinking because it’s a destination for them. Count on people showing up and being stoked you got them out of work a day early with a chance to spend the weekend with you and your loved ones!

Thanks for reading and here’s to you and your next event!