Top 5 Reasons Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is SO Important

April 1, 2021
Photo by Love Tribe Weddings / Venue by BRICK, San Diego, CA

The benefits of hiring a wedding planner.

So you’re engaged (congratulations!). You’ve booked your venue. Things are getting real.

When it comes to the wedding planning process, the spectrum of couples’ knowledge on what to do next ranges from not having a clue, to the type-A’s with the confidence and go-getterness of an industry professional. There’s also the ever-awkward, stress-inducing, number crunching figure looming over your head: the wedding budget.

You’re probably wondering, “is a wedding planner worth it?” And the answer is, yes!

Regardless of who you are in this catalogue of couples, the investment in a wedding planner will return it’s savings unto you and your spouse-to-be in so many ways that you’ll laugh amongst yourselves on your honeymoon at the time you considered not hiring a professional. Trust me. I’m a wedding planner, and I hired a planner.

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